Whether purely pampering or correcting a concern, facials nourish and restore our hard-working skin. A facial every 4-6 weeks is ideal and works with your natural cell renewal cycle.

Having other skin treatments? Talk to us about whether these can be done all at once, or on a different schedule.

In-depth Consultation
$40 – 30mins

Your skin doesn’t keep secrets. It shows a lot about your internal health and the environment. We’ll discuss your skin concerns, health and lifestyle to create a bespoke program which will have your face glowing.


Beauty2Go Express     

An excellent introduction to GREEN PEEL® facials resulting in smooth, bright and healthy skin.

$75 – 30mins

Hydrate Express

Dry, sun-damaged skin? Receive an intense boost of moisture for immediate results. Powerful hyaluronic acid combined with a marine algae mask will bring your skin back to life. Enjoy a neck and shoulder massage while the mask works its magic.

$95 – 40mins
Full Facial $150 – 70mins

Back Facial

A thorough deep cleanse of your back, active stimulating exfoliant to smooth and refine your skin’s pores, extract stubborn blockages, mask and skin care.  Extractions can be replaced with massage as an alternative option.

$80 – 30mins

GREEN PEEL® Fresh Up Express

Need bright, fresh skin for a special occasion? Enjoy this beautifier 48 hours before your special day, for peak skin compliments. Stimulating and revitalising skin without a harsh peel. Want to go GREEN? Find out more about GREEN PEEL products.

$125 – 50mins

Clean and Clear Acne Express  

Regular breakout or oily skin? This deep cleansing treatment works double-time to remove congestion and infuse purifying goodness. The ionising and extraction method rebalances acne-prone skin.

$90 – 50mins


Pamper yourself and protect your skin. These treatments will put a smile on your face.

Replenishing Facial  

The organic all-rounder. This treatment is recommended for your first facial. It covers all the bases and allows us to analyse your skin and suggest an ongoing treatment plan. Enjoy all the pampering: brow trim, cleanse, exfoliate, hydrating steam, massage, mask and skin care.  ADD-ON either LED, extractions or foot massage.

$120 – 70mins

Detox Facial  

Perfect for pale, tired skin or skin in need of regeneration.  Detox treatment not only supports the skin during detoxification, but also during vitalisation.  While accumulated bacteria and pollutants are dissolved within the skin, the cell regeneration is stimulated and the skin is vitalised simultaneously.  Includes Lymph drainage massage and hand massage.

$125 – 70mins

Rose Rejuvenate Facial   

Relax and sink into this ultimate treat for your skin. Anti-ageing, protective and deeply nourishing. Includes a hot towel foot massage. An absolute favourite.

  • $145 – 70mins


Give your skin a surge of energy. Increases circulation and skin metabolism to improve your complexion. Highly recommended for scars or pigmentation, keratosis pilaris, improving pale or sun-damaged skin, or thick, calloused skin.  LED has special wavelengths of light to energise your skin cells so they can function at a better rate.  What that means for you is that you produce more collagen and skin’s going to look firmer.

For best results we recommend 4 treatments over 8 weeks.

$190 – 60mins
$684 – 4 treatment package

DeLuxe Facial                          

The name says it all! This signature facial is the ultimate in luxurious restoration for your skin and more. Organic plant-based products work wonders on your skin, while you enjoy a revitalising massage. We’ll knead away aches and pains from your scalp, face, neck, shoulders, upper back, hands, plus treat your tootsies to a hot towel massage. This truly is a special treatment and makes a beautiful gift.

$170 – 90mins

Vitality Facial + LED

The triple treat.  A powerful skin rejuvenating facial that covers all the bases.  We start with a warming enzyme peel to refine and smooth.  Skin is then re-energised with LED Light therapy to recharge stem cell batteries, producing ATP which boosts new collagen and elastin.  Then we apply an innovative bio-mask while ultrasound amplifies the results.

$150 – 60mins

Lift Intense facial and massage

Effectively counteract the signs of aging; ideally suitable for mature skin and prematurely aged skin.  A power boost to jumpstart your skin’s health.  Using soundwaves we increase the skin’s ability to absorb premium moisturising agents and rich, luxurious active substances to slow the aging process and counteract degenerative changes.

$180 – 80mins


Have a specific concern? Try one of our Advanced Skin Treatments.  Or click below to book an appointment