Summer Seasonal Specials

Summer is here! Revitalize your skin this summer season with a luxurious intensive facial or express version, both enriched with powerful anti-aging boosters. Ideal for demanding or prematurely aged skin, combining effective active ingredients and natural oils, leaving your skin velvety smooth without any oily residue.

Lift Intense facial

90min $126 (Value $180)

Facial includes:
LED which power-boosts ATP to stimulate collagen.
Sonophoresis, an ionising modality to send the concentrate into deeper tissue layers, prolonging the velvety effects.

Lift Intense Express

50min – $80 (Value $100) 

Express includes:
LED, Sonophoresis. Massage & brow trim not included.


Discover the power of Bioactive Peptides – Your skins best friend!

Peptides, derived from plants, animals, and micro-organisms, work wonders for your skin. Unleash the benefits of antioxidants, anti-aging, moisture retention, collagen stimulation, and wound healing. We’ll probably still be raving about Peptides ten years from now!

The Lift Intense powerful concentrate active ingredients include:

Syn-Ake peptide – a muscle relaxant,
Matrixyl Synthe’6 peptide – smoothes and lifts skin’s structure
Vitamin A – stimulates collagen and removes damage
Collaxyl peptide – reduces length and depth of wrinkles
Aquaxyl – moisture binding throughout layers of skin – hydration for existing hyaluronic acid deep in dermis of the skin

Janesce Special - 25% OFF

Re-energising Skin Velvet Lotion
$107 (value $143.00)

The Re-energising range delivers twice the strength of actives to your skin and is recommended for women aged 45yrs+.This is a light-weight lotion that feels soft but absorbs deeply to nourish and protect against the ageing effects of dehydration. A perfect, protective  moisturiser for summer.

TIP: Always apply Janesce moisturisers to a damp skin as they are too concentrated to go directly on to a dry skin. They contain very little water and loaded with at least 7 rejuvenating herbal actives and designed to be used after the Janesce Skin soaking ritual twice daily.

Dr Schrammek Special - 20% OFF

Hydra Maximum Day Cream 100ml

Great Value – pay only $20 more for double the size of a regular 50ml jar
Hydra Maximum Skin Care supplies dry skin with intensive amounts of moisture and is an excellent range for all age groups. Lines caused by dryness and feelings of tightness are reduced resulting in glowing radiant skin. Apply Hydra Maximum day cream to your face and neck daily to hydrate from the skin’s surface down to the deepest layers.
Hydra Max ingredients have a potent moisturising action; they actively moisture-bind skin cells and strengthen the outer protective layers. They include algae extract Hydranov, hyaluronic acid, phyto oils and regenerating antioxidant oils Macadamia, Olive and Shea butter.