Seasonal Special


It’s beneficial to treat yourself to seasonal facials if you’re not already having regular skin treatments.

My Spring time Dr Schrammek Express facial uses Super Enzyme Peeling, which includes enzymes, Pineapple and Papaya, activated under a warm steam treatment.  A very gentle treatment with a subtle reaction, smoothe to touch, skin to die for.  Book with Jan now.


Spring is here and summer is coming.  It’s the perfect time to treat your skin to a pamper session after the cooler, wet months.  This season look good and feel great with an uplifting ‘rejuvenate’ facial, which includes L.E.D. light treatment to accelerate deeper nourishment and lots of massage; shoulders, arms and feet.

Rejuvenate Spring Facial

Supreme relaxation, a customised cocktail of hydrating serums, excellent for plumping up fine lines and wrinkles, LED light to accelerate skin nourishment and a magical algae mask to lock in the potent herbal extracts.

My Spring facial is designed to invigorate the skin health by peeling off flaky, dry upper skin cells which is the result of winter hybernation, artificial heating and less moisture in the atmosphere.  By using LED light, potent serums and concentrates saturate the deeper skin layers to hydrate and nourish, leaving the skin with a healthy glow and ready for the Spring’s new beginings.

Try my Spring Special 60min $89

Cleanse and brush cleanse, double exfoliation, LED light treatment combined with a cocktail of serums, algae mask, shoulder, arms and feet massage, mist, moisturiser and suncare lotion.

Valid until 30 November 2017

Few notes relating to facial:

Supreme relaxation:  Facial includes shoulder and neck massage, arms and feet massage.  You can extend the treatment by 15min and include my signature face, neck and shoulder massage and pay an extra $20.

Nourishing Algae mask:  Special mask for every skin condition.  Due to the elastic film of the mask, evaporation of the skin’s own moisture can be prevented.  This way moisture is circulated and the upper skin is nourished.  Wrinkles of dryness are balanced and the skin appears smooth and soft.

Spring Special Rejuvenate facial is valid until 30 November 2017.  I strongly recommend women who don’t have facials on a regular basis, attempt to have a seasonal facial, which is only 4 facials a year.  When the seasons change in New Zealand, the weather impacts on the pH balance of skin, sometimes, quite harshly.  A seasonal facial is the best opportunity to correct all the signs your skin is changing and ageing as skin can change in a second, a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a month. 


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