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“Janesce embodies all that is good, success from working with nature to create harmony in everyday life…”

Janesce is more than a skincare range, it is a whole philosophy. It is a belief that nature provides all we need to enjoy good health and a radiant skin.

Janesce was founded by Janice Smith, a naturopath and nutritionist, who with her focus on skin health and herbs, has dedicated over 35 years to helping people suffering from skin disorders.  Her principles are from the point of view of a naturopath, not a biochemist.

Janesce’s organically-based, natural product range is supported by an integrated, dedicated and highly ethical approach to caring for your skin. It involves external skincare applications, as well as recommendations on nutritional supplements, and healthy lifestyle programmes.

Created exclusively from plants – herbs and flowers – Janesce skincare products are designed to compliment the internal treatment program.  Skin is essentially created and nourished from the inside so we treat it as part of our body with the priority lying in the treatment and support of the skin as an organ rather than an appealing cream.   Janesce skincare products are pure, plant based, wholesome and free from synthetic additives such as emulsifiers, stabilizers, colours or perfumes.  The pure plant extracts feed, nourish and support your skin. You will look better and feel better too.

The varieties of the plants used in the Janesce range have been chosen for their powerfully therapeutic effect. To ensure these skin-loving herbs and flowers remain free of harmful pesticides and additives, they are organically grown in a clean and pristine environment on the bio-dynamic certified Claret Ash Farm, high up in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia.

Getting started

The introductory packs are designed to gently introduce your skin to the powerful Janesce products and rehydrate the skin tissue.  The changes in how your skin feels and looks will determine the product selection from the Janesce wide range of skin care when your Introductory Pack needs replenishing.

Lavender Introductory Pack – A wonderful way to sample the Janesce experience. Pack includes a 25ml rose petal mist, 25 ml rose petal cleanser, 25 ml nourishing skin reviver, 30 ml lavender soaking drops and 100% cotton gauze soaking cloth.

Rose Introductory Pack – A wonderful way to sample the Janesce experience. Pack includes a 25ml rose petal mist, 25 ml rose petal cleanser, 25 ml nourishing skin reviver, 30 ml rose soaking drops and 100% cotton gauze soaking cloth.

Exciting new concentrate

ReEnergisingComplex (2)

Solutions Re-Energizing Complex

Giving you radiant skin as you blossom into the next half of your life.

A powerful new concentrate containing 10 plant extracts and a silk protein (amino acid film which is hydrating).  Designed for women approaching the 40’s and above, to bring vitality and balance to the skin.  Each of the plants included in this blend offers a special benefit to the skin.

Receive a details brochure on Solutions Re-Energizing Complex from Jan.

Look good, feel great! Janesce helps you achieve ultimate skin results.

“Nature provides all we need to heal, re-balance and nourish our skin…”

Janesce Suncare Lotion

Spring is the best time to start your sun protection

Spring is here and the perfect time to start your sun protection regime in readiness for summer.

Now you can build up a natural protective cover for your skin with Janesce’s suncare lotion. This unique concentrated lotion of herbal extracts is formulated to help protect your skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure.

The chemical free lotion is suitable for all skin types and is safe for even babies to use.  After only seven consecutive days of use you will have 100% sun protection from UV rays.

Unlike chemical based sun lotions, Janesce Suncare Lotion will maintain vitamin D absorption.  Use daily to retain ongoing protective cover.

Bestow Beauty Oil

Bestow Beauty Oil

Beauty and nourishment for your skin from the inside.

Bestow Beauty Oil is your moisturiser from within and the most valuable skin food because of the high levels of Essential Fatty Acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6).

This unique home grown product is part of the Bestow range which puts the vitality back into your skin and builds a strong protection layer against harmful bacteria and free radicals.

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