Option 1: 6 Peel treatments – weekly for 6 weeks, including LED + Eye Care Treatment with each peel – $474 total.

Option 2: 3 Peel treatments – fortnightly for 6 weeks, including LED + Eye Care Treatment with each peel – $237 total.

Peel treatments in cooler weather are exceptional for the following reasons:

  • Enzyme based exfoliant removes any dull-looking dry skin cells
  • Your skin looks revived and bright
  • A course of 6 peels, one a week for 6weeks, is a rejuvenating treatment
  • A course of 3 peels fortnightly over 6weeks, restores a stronger balance to a sensitive skin and rejuvenates a younger skin
  • Annual Peel courses refresh, renew and maintain a rejuvenated skin – clients feel the difference and confirm this pleasing fact.
  • A customised  concentrated extract is applied with each peel to correct your skin.
  • LED gives your skin a superior finish to each peel treatment.
  • LED light stimulates skin cells from the top to bottom layers, plumping your overall skin and reducing wrinkles.

Eye care treatment is essential as we have just one muscle around the eye, the skin is thin & delicate so treatments for the eyes are important.

A potent combination of Hyaluronan and NEW Vitalizing oil, nourishes those delicate layers and softens the appearance of fine lines around the eyes. Hyaluronan is a champion at attracting moisture while Vitalizing oil is a rich, silky concentrate that melts into the skin.Terms & Conditions:

Valid until 31st August 2020, full payment is required at the first Peel treatment appointment.


Bestow collagen boost powder slows down the visible signs of skin ageing. It boosts skin elasticity, plumps out wrinkles and promotes younger looking skin.
Collagen is key for anti-ageing

Research shows that taking a daily collagen supplement can make a real difference to our skin. Why? Because our body simply can’t make enough. We rely on diet to provide the nutritional building blocks for collagen. Our modern diets are low in these key components.
Bestow Collagen Boost can make all the difference.


1. Boosts collagen and elastin production for younger-looking skin.
2. Improves skin hydration and smoothness.
3. It helps to reduce and prevent wrinkles.
4. It helps to plump out crow’s feet and laugh lines.
5. Inhibits MMP1 and MMP2, enzymes that break down collagen fibres.
6. It contains Vitamin C and zinc to optimise collagen production.
7. It contains anti-oxidants to promote the formation of strong collagen.

Collagen powder gives your skin a head-start on collagen production. The body builds collagen to keep skin plump and supple. The building blocks for making collagen come from your diet. Most people don’t get enough of the nutrients they need to make collagen. This powder boosts your supply of collagen building blocks in a form that is easily used by the skin.

Your skin can’t make collagen without zinc. Most people in New Zealand are zinc deficient. Bestow Collagen Boost contains 6gms of zinc per serving, which provides 80% of your RDI.

Vitamin C is vital. Your skin needs it to make strong collagen. This powder provides more than double your minimum daily requirement of vitamin C.

Bestow Collagen Boost also promotes healthy hair and stronger nails.

Intro Offer – 25% off
NOW $73.50
RRP $98
210gm – Valid until 31st July 2020