Peel away the hard skin from your feet and heels and enjoy the bare basics of gorgeous feet, along with a foot spa, exfoliant, calus peel and massage the foot treatment will not only leave you with feet ready for summer sandals you will leave feeling relaxed and pampered.

You can also choose from a brow wax or tweeze, followed by a brow and lash tint. 

The benefits of a hydrating facial are immense especially when the humidity is high causing our body temperature to increase and dehydrate our skin. A hydrating facial leaves our skin saturated with moisture agents creating a dewy, healthy glow.

The facial uses a moisture concentrate of Hyaluronan, also known as Hyaluronic Acid which is an ingredient our body produces and is found in our skin, eyes and connective tissue. As a potent moisturising agent it can attract up to 1,000 times its weight in moisture prolonging the benefits of the facial.

The active ingredients are driven into the skin using ultrasonic technology, stimulating the cellular cycle which encourages a healthier skin appearance.

Other important tips to keeping your skin hydrated are:

  • Maintain your morning and evening home-care regimen.
  • Drink water – at least 2litres per day.
  • Mist your skin during the day to prevent dryness.
  • Protect your skin with a daily sunscreen.